Saturday, December 31, 2011


For 2011 we had a roller coaster of a ride for all varying reasons.

Running Man photogravure, finalist Fremantle Print Prize 2011

FIRST PART: Bill started the photogravue workshops with having had two successful ones with Alex Bishop Thorpe whom came all the way from Adelaide and Kirt Sorenson a participant in the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery  artist in residence  program staying at Murrays Cottage.

It was and always is very engaging having another artist in the studio, working together to achieve a good result with their images. Both Alex and Kirt were an absolute delight to work with. Our days in the studio teaching  the complex process of photogravure with its many personalities with each step and having successful proofs developed after the 3 days was a very rewarding experience for everyone involved.
POOL by Bill Moseley photogravure

We learnt that to have the ultimate studio surroundings wasn't a strong necessity. Although the place that we are set up in is very adequate, but being an old shop space there is sometimes more walking from point A to B. (Exposure unit to darkroom).

But this we now regard as a high positive as most people don't have the ideal set up and if we have successfully done it in many different locations ( from a laundry at Woy Woy to an 1870 shop in Hill End) then it conveys a strong possibility if you have the passion for photogravure, then you will find a way with what you have at hand.
POOL MAN by Bill Moseley Photogravure printed on somerset satin at Hill End Press
 Bill exhibited successfully at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery June/July with his series Myths, Written in a Margin with a beautiful essay written for the catalogue by Simon Cooper.
Bill's unique endeavour of making these sculptures and placing them in the landscape to create an undertow of Hill End.
He has been invited to La Trobe Regional Art Gallery, Victoria to exhibit in August 2012 with some of his pieces from Myths, written in a margin. Bill was also a finalist for the Wharepuke Art Prize in New Zealand with his print Pack No 1.

Second Part: For me, the year was all about oil painting and writing poetry- returning to the theme of still life.

My work is always autobiographical and this series that I painted for the exhibition 'The Great Divide' with Janet Haslett and Julie Williams in August at the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery was called The Wattle Room - Winters Still Life.
It was all about the philosophy of negative capability inspired by the poet Keats, where one relies on their intuition to get them through a tough time turning it into a positive, a reconcilation for the contrasts of life.
For the exhibition, I painted 12 paintings and printed my poem in letterpress with drawings.
'The violets are pushing up through the stones' Oil on canvas. Finalist in the Country Energy Prize Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

'Winters Resolve' Oil on canvas Finalist for the Calleen Art Prize Cowra Regional Art Gallery
The still lifes were created with lots of colour and it was a projected thought of a particular garden bed I was creating for Spring called The Jewel Garden and it was the promise of this and the internal life of winter in my kitchen that inspired the series.
'Passengers aboard the electric blanket' Oil on canvas


Hill End celebrated Open Studio Day in September where 10 artists opened the doors to their private worlds, the studio, this was a huge success with the NSW Art Gallery coming for the visit and the event supported by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery.
September brought a visit to Melbourne for the Impact 7, (International printmaking conference) but for most of the time I couldn't take my mind of the ESS laboratory shoes! (I'd like the red ones please)

Artist Wendy Murray visited Hill End Press to celebrate the coming of the new year and assisted in printing the Valentines Day cards while doing her daily's.

New presses came into our studios, a model No 4 and a Golding Pearl which is the sweetest press with a red heart shape foot pedal, so cute and can't wait to give it a whirl. 

Our new range of stationery found homes in all the No Chintz Stores, Sydney, Berkelouws Bookstores, Summers Florist and The Corner Shop Paddington.

Hill End Press was commissioned by Leichhardt Council to produce 53 prints of half tone block that Amie Zar found in the bowels of the council storeroom.
This was a great job to do, the 53 images of the 1921 silver jubilee in Leichhardt. For one of working with vintage printing blocks, the cleaning of protection shellac from the image, sourcing the right cleaning fluid without damaging the blocks.

Most of the blocks required padding when printing or refitting the block to the piece of supporting wood. But the best part was using the wooden and metal text to highlight what the image was conveying. They were all printed on our Gordon Platen Press the one we do the stationery on and the impressions were just perfect.

They were exhibited at Leichhardt Council for Heritage Week, Amie had them all framed and we came away with great satisfaction.

Blissful, I now have a studio to paint in, just heavenly being able to view my work at a distance and not to run the canvas outside to check the colours, the light is just perfect. There's also a lounge for reading, bliss again. The pure joy of hiding.

Finishing off the year with a puff, I have an exhibition on at the Jean Bellette, Gallery Visitors Centre, Hill End for the month of January with paintings, sculpture, poetry and drawings and Bill and I are working towards a exhibition at Dubbo Regional Art Gallery stay tune for the date.
Bedspread of Natural History collage, watercolour and fabric

So what will 2012 bring, the plan is to build a new studio for Hill End Press to be able to have the printing room properly set up in a more productive way, get the vegetable gardening really going instead of a few token herbs, paint, paint, paint, print, print, print, print.
Thanking everyone for their support of Hill End Press in 2011 and all the very special friendships we have made on the way.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


love cards
Hill End Press has the perfect love card for the one you want to connect to.
Inspired by love letters

I really really, really love you

TIPPING my LOVE all over you


Mini Graff DAILY'S

Mini Graff's DAILY'S consist of ink and guoache drawings inspired by the Hill End landscape. Mini Graff was an artist in residency in 2010 staying at Haefligers Cottage supported by the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery. Since her residency Mini Graff has returned many times, see more Mini Graff DAILY'S


Monday, December 5, 2011

My most favourite shoes in the whole world (at the moment)

these delicious little morsels are sure to make my day when I print, handmade, handpainted little works of art and they come from ESS laboratory Gertrude Street Melbourne

New way of looking at 3 dimensional drawing

This is so fun and puts a smile on my face each time I look at it, a good way to spend your time on rainy days. Great creativity from Hazel at

Monday, November 21, 2011

Look what's under that pile of stuff!

Rainy days always bring this behaviour about, the desire to put things in order and tidy up, but you know what, you always get caught up in the old photographs.
This is what happen to me today, I rediscovered my great grandfathers photo album. I realized where my sons get their bike riding skills from, he was a competition trial bike rider, his love of dance and theatre. I realized where my love of wearing hats has come from and dressing up and art participation of all different forms.
I wish I had known him he looks like he knew how to have fun!
Front cover of the album 1870

There are lots of photos with bikes obviously a great passion for him. That's him on the right, the good looking one.
Look at all those fantastic hats

I always loved this picture as a child, go the relatives.
Out and about in his car


His dance list for the night
His childhood book

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New range of letterpress cards

Its here at long last, a new range of letterpress cards inspired by all sorts of goodies, the garden, the yoga I have just taken up, watercolours, the boating days of Bill and Proust, I think that just about covers everything.
It's very hard to find a good masculine card but we think we've ticked the boxes with a few additions to the range.
They will be available at the Berkelouw Bookstores in December.
Garden caravan

The bird
Bill's boat
Boat of Words
Over there

Dragon fly
Ring a ring a rosie
Swanns Way
A fig and the boat

Green Tree
Red Tree
Blue Tree
Yoga rabbit

Very soon you will be able to order on line, stay tune till we read the instructions! Or you can buy them at these beautiful stores, they are available though Berkelouws Bookstores, No Chintz at Woollahra, Balmain and Willoughby, David Met Nicole, Summers Florist Woollahra and Hunters Hill, The Baytree Woollahra, Art Gallery of NSW, The Hub Bathurst and Bathurst Regional Art Gallery stock our cards.