Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The paper mache was still trying to dry

It's a relief,
my exhibition The Long View at 
and on till 13th October.
I exhibited with dear friends Julie Williams and Janet Haslett.
 The exhibition revolves around our influence of living 
in a remote rural town called Hill End.

My exhibition is called The Wattle Room - Bedspread of Natural History,
all about the serious plight of bees, being an avid
gardener, no pesticides and embracing weeds and being
mindful about nature one is aware of
endangered species and amongst many
is the large numbers of bees dying.
The bandaid to this is maybe developing
what they call a Frankenstein bee, a cross between
an aggressive African bee and the humble honey bee.
It's a malady to the real problem
of monoculture and pesticides.

Go organic, at least one item in your shopping trolley 
each week, see the difference, taste the difference.
Treat the soil as you would treat yourself.

My humble honey bee the night before installing into the exhibition space sits joyfully in our loungeroom.

You can view more of my artwork on 

 Our beautiful studio 


Don't forget Open Studio Day
Sunday 22nd September 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Winter is almost over

It's now just the August winds to blow their way through our

 landscape and then Spring is just around the corner.

The first trees to blossom are the Wattles and the peach tree

and no socks in the bed.

My exhibition is very near at Dubbo Western Plains Cultural Centre.
Saturday 24th August  2.00pm opening
The artwork I have created is all about the plight of bees and their
existence, they are struggling with pesticides, mites and exhaustive pollinating
schedules due to mono culture.
It's a very serious problem that if something is
not done very soon, our bees will no
longer be.

Here is a poem I wrote about bees


a bees' lament

My mouth is full of the honest primrose night
With a slowing clock
delicate and accomplished
cross pollinating

I imagine ticking soft shadows of air
with coarse black wings
While grass persists to remain
awake for an hour

I did not imagine this slow frost stone
sustaining a secret
Strategic terrain
the crinkled spark
My thoughts are walking round the exhausted table

Curvature of drunken bees on the landscape floor
Time lays in a short line
my only familiar scent is that of a flowering curtain

Friday, August 9, 2013

Misty morning

Woke up to this beautiful mood.
Fluttering of snow the day before and today a beautiful foggy mist.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The new camera has arrived!

It makes me sigh.

Bill's new 8 x 10 timber and brass camera or very old one I should say that we picked up on good old ebay.
The next couple of months will bring some gorgeous morsels of tin types 
into the Hill End Press Studio for Bill's exhibition at Dubbo.

Meanwhile we are still setting up and kicking on the wedding stationery, just about to load up the new website for my artwork that I've been working on, learning quick books for dummies and setting up a new accounting system (not exactly an enticing part of the business but seriously must be done) organizing Open Studio Day Sunday 22nd September and I'm close to my exhibition at Dubbo Project Room, Western Plains Cultural Centre.

Busy busy busy
but in the best possible way.

Had to take mental time out last week and rake some elm leaves to mulch the top garden and put heaps of organic chook poo.

Always centres me.

Woke today to find snow fluttering past the window and through the day my first glimpse of the red robin sitting in the rowen tree.

How especially beautiful is that!