Thursday, December 16, 2010


Let me begin...... our vision for Hill End Press was to be small, artists and creative individuals to explore a different perspective in printmaking that they may not normally encounter in their travels and that was to be using vintage presses. Most importantly Bill and I had to be comfortable in teaching ourselves a whole new skill when the business had to be up and running, it all amounted to an organic balance of time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

View of the Copper engraving plates for The Baytree Woollahra

I forgot......... I had a few more of the beautiful copper engraving plates images that we used for The Baytree Woollahra Sydney  swing tags, always a dilemma when one is so busy! When we are not busy we like to burrow in our garden!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This printing collaboration with the beautiful homewares store The Baytree Woollahra was for us a very very nice thing to do.
Engraved letterpress blocks of victorian kitchenware that had been in the stores private collection were just exquisite to the eye, the intricate details and the glow of the copper we couldn't wait to try them out.
With great enthusiasm we printed them out using our Adana press in two colours and two luggage tags sizes and using Italian cotton string for tying.......creating a range.
They are now available at The Baytree 40 Queen Street Woollahra Sydney

Mini Graff edition print at Hill End Press

Hand-coloured print on Fabriano, 160 x 200mm, Edition of 50 (VE) $120.00 ea
Printed on a Gordon Platen Press at the Hill End Press with Bill Moseley & Genevieve Carroll, Hill End, NSW, Australia.
Mini Graff's website
© 2010 Mini Graff

Mini Graff at Hill End Press

Thursday, December 9, 2010


These tags were created on our baby Adana presses which are all hand operated and sit on the tabletops. They were designed for use in the home.

 We recently became happy custodians of lead type from the Wilcannia newspaper. This is what was created from them. In setting our own type we were inspired by Virginia Woolf whom set all the type for Hogarth Press.
Virginia admired that when handling letters individually ones own creativity was extended to a 3 dimensional viewpoint, which then extended into her writing.
Working with sculptural elements in my own artwork I found this very inspiring.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


At Hill End Press we have been very busy printing beautiful Christmas cards on Italian cotton art paper. We are inspired by medieval woodblocks and our own designs be it roses from our garden or the general absurdities of life.
The Orange and pink couple is from my daughter Parris Dewhurst 's drawings from her art residency in Berlin.
They come with an envelope and cellophane sleeve.
They are available through us or our retail outlets rrp $5.95 plus postage

  • Paper 2
  • Paperie d Amor
  • No Chintz
  • Berkelouws Bookstores
  • The Bay Tree
  • David Met Nicole
  • Art Gallery of NSW
  • Bathurst Regional Gallery
  • The Hub
  • Architext
  • Goma 
  • Historic Houses
Also is the long awaited Hill End Tea towel, wahooooo. Designed by Bill and printed on linen from Russian at $19.95 with gift tag plus postage. Influenced by the drawings in the Milly Molly Mandy Books. It comes in blue or red                          


Our website is


Exciting news for Hill End Press, we are featured in this months Inside Out magazine, page 143.Its features our tags that we print on our baby adana press with vintage wooden type generously lent to us by printmaker minigraff.
We have been up and running now for 18 months of holding ones breath and skates on here in the Central Tablelands. In this time Bill and I have been like pants on fire with developing our range of letterpress stationery into 12 shops, restoring our 1870 home that came with no power water which hadn't been lived in for 50 years, the earth was slowly devouring her, but she has restored us in many ways and creating our art.
Our collection of vintage presses has had many friendships develop from admiring printmakers looking in our window at Holtermanns cottage in the middle of town. We are the custodians of Clement Meadmores 100 year old Gordon platen press and on her we print our stationery that took us a year to restore and understand this way of printmaking(as there is no course to take on such things) thanks to Bill who has a technically enquiring mind.
The new year brings us collaborating with Leichhardt Council for their heritage week, our exhibitions, Bill June 2011 (photogravure) and me August 2011(mixed media) at Bathurst Regional Gallery. Our workshops will be up and running too.