Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Myths, written in the margin

Myths, written in a margin.............Photogravures by Bill Moseley Exhibition 24th June - 7th August 2011 Bathurst Regional Gallery
Running Man 75 x50cm $1,500 unframed $1,650 framed edition 20
Spirits  34 x 50cm  $1,000 unframed  $1,150 framed edition 20
Pack #2       50 x 75cm $1,500 unframed $1,650 framed edition 20
Pack #1      25 x35cm  $750.00 unframed $900.00 framed edition 20
Encounter    34 x 50cm $1,000 unframed $1,150 framed edition 20
Pack# 3    34 x 50cm  $1,000 unframed $1,150 framed edition 20
Lonely Traveller   50 x 75cm $1,500 unframed $1,650 framed edition 20
Pool #2  34 x 50cm $1,000 unframed $1,150 framed edition 20
Stay tuned, this  is a selection from a total of 12 images, will put them up when they come hot of the press

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bill Moseley making sculptures for photogravure

Here is the remarkable process of Bill's photogravure. 
He starts the imagery with creating a sculpture, shown here he is preparing the figure of a girl for the image 'pool'.
Then he takes it into the landscape and places it in the desired spot and photographs it.
The next stage is to bring the image through the photogravure process which we teach at Hill End Press.
Bill very much enjoys processes and believes in and understanding the craft of his endeavours.

Bill's work Myths, written in the margin will be exhibited at Bathurst Regional Gallery 24th June 2011 5.00pm for a floor talk and 6.00pm opening.
Creating the girl for 'pool'
Placing the sculpture in the dam on a nearby property

Porridge in The Wattle Room

                                                              Genevieve's Chai Porridge
Enough oats for two people
1 pot of brewed Chai tea
Yoghurt( a good dollop for two)
pinch of salt
finely grated fresh ginger
Brew up a good strong pot of Chai tea preferable loose leaves.
Add oats to the saucepan and when tea is brewed pour into saucepan and start stirring with a small pinch of salt.
When the right consistency and cooked, turn off the heat and grate the ginger into the yoghurt. Placing a dollop in each bowl.
Then add milk, almonds and fruit and drizzle with honey
Simple and a little twist gets you editioning all day long!