Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stone fox bride

Had the best road trip back from Sydney to Hill End yesterday with our very entertaining beautiful friend Swinkie We had a huge natter about everything as girls just love to do, very grounding trip back and it went in a flash. Precious precious girlfriends.
 It has been forecast snow this weekend, which hey I'm excited about, leading up to this is pouring rain and strong winds, we have had so much rain. The clay ground between us and the studio is just a perilous journey between the buildings. Hessian sacks are on the ground and boards of timber trying to get some traction under foot.

We are so keen to move a few more items up there to our creative sanctuary but the rain puts it in the too hard basket. So that led me onto deciding about the advertising for our new business, I'm perched up in front of the pot belly on one side and the panel heater on the other, I refuse to be cold this winter, beats having the sloshy loveable hot water bottle on my thighs while I type, only to find my thighs in a red blotchy mess afterwards.

Heating logs up on top of the pot belly now, so they get a good go on when we put them in.

So back to advertising, printed out all these media packages and I'm just as procrastinated as when I first started. Would love someone to decide this for me. (I'm on my fasting diet today too, so I'm meant to be keeping myself busy) So guess what, I got diverted didn't I, found this site voted best Anti Bridezilla Bridal Boutique in New York.

It's so open and sensible but a really really honest approach to weddings, its a gem of a site. It's really chilled out, no need to feel overwhelmed or in a fluster, it really goes to the point of the essence of getting married with lots of feel good real stories.

With us both being artists I love that edge they have to the site, you'll know what I mean when you go there. As they say here nothing fluffy here.

There's gorgeous vintage or now time dresses to buy, the rings for life and accessories.

At the moment I am desperate to go to Brooklyn New York, it's going off in the best way possible, I really need to go, I'm so inspired by all the talent there and have my poster of New York on the fridge door to keep me going, that yes it will happen one day.

Meanwhile it really does look like snow is descending.
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ladies of letterpress

  It's arrived.    

My ladies of letterpress 

iron on badge.

It's official

I'm a member and a  lady of letterpress
Ladies of letterpress is an international trade organization  

for men and women

in America.

It's one of the best resources

Where letterpress printmaking is in their bones.

In America it just doesn't cut the mustard if you don't use letterpress for printing, the same

understanding is growing here in Australia.

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