Friday, November 11, 2011

Green is growing again

Beginning with doom in the bulb, the spring unravels,
Bright as her spinning-wheels, the colic season
Worked on a world of petals;
She threads off the sap and needles, blood and bubble
Casts to the pine roots, raising man like a mountain
Out of the naked entrail.

Dylan Thomas
from...... I, in my intricate image
With all the rain the garden is going gangbusters.
Grand Master a very very special iris from Carrolls Country Nursery, we have been waiting all winter to see this bloom.

Many apologizes for not writing on my blog of late, ones aims to be a Friday night blogger but  we have been very busy with a new range of cards coming out for December for the  Berkelouw Bookstores and as soon as they are all printed on our Platen press will post them up.

Bill is a finalist in the New Zealand art award with his photogravure called The Pack and I am a finalist in the Country Energy Painting Prize with The violets are coming up through the stones all inspired from our garden which you can see is going gangbusters of late.
Its been 7 years in the making with lots of hard digging and many wheelbarrows of grit and this year with all the rain it is coming into a full maturity.
Green is growing again
The Chinese warrior floats in the hedge

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