Monday, July 18, 2016

Bill Moseley - Finalist for the prestigious Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award 2016

Oh so very nice to have good news come by as your defrosting your fingers and toes. News to keep us going creatively, make it all seem worthwhile, warm and inspired!

And Hill End artists having a great July, with three of our artists being accepted into the Archibald and Wynne, we're all fired up here.
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You all know Bill's great love of antiquarian photographic processes and how he just keeps chipping away, tweaking, polishing old methods to bring them up to contemporary times.

Arts & Science that sums up Bill.

Well today we had an email to say!

Bill has been accepted into the Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award in Perth Western Australia.
To be held on the 23rd September - 12th November 2016. A premier print award that showcases fine art prints and artists books, it presents the best works from established and emerging artists across Australia.

Cool Burn Laura - Photogravure Copperplate

 Bill's evocative entry Cool Burn Laura is a photogravure of the landscape of Cape York, Queensland which we experienced through an artist camp organized and created by The CORRIDOR project. The cool burns on country is all about the Aboriginals managing and maintaining their vast landscape by the ancient method of fire.  Bill developed and printed the image here at our studio at Hill End.

As Bill says

You can purchase this beautiful print from us at Hill End Press
Edition of 10, signed by Bill Moseley
Printed on archival Somerset paper 
Width 59cm x Height 51cm


you might like to learn how to create your own Copperplate photogravures, 
if so, we run workshops on the process!

for more details or go to our website for more information on all the creative endeavours we get up to!

For more information on the CORRIDOR project,
an ingenious creative think tank 
go to 

Bill Moseley cranking through our hand built etching press a Copperplate photogravure.

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