Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Workhshops at Hill End Press

(s o m e d a y s   I  w o u l d   l i k e   t o   f e e l   l i k e   o a k   l e a v e s....)
 taking the slow road to growing 

but in reality I  feel more like the late bloomer it could be described as, I have this niggling underlying need to grow into something grand but urgently.

I'm pretty sure I'm competitive, it's true, there you go, I've declared it. Why does describing oneself or someone else as competitive always have that note of tallying up unreliable judgements? Even declaring it I'd rather regard myself as highly energetic or maybe I have acquired the new worldly symptom of individualism anxiety.  

Maybe to describe me as a wattle tree would be better suited to my nature, problem though is they only live for a short time with their job of putting the nitrogen back into the earth, this equation sucks as I am putting in big time, and I'm more keen to want to live nearer to one hundred,
 plus I'd rather be green than yellow. 

That's not going to work.

Maybe a blossom tree would be a better metaphor, like our 120 year old pear in the front garden, still fruiting and blossoming.

That's more inspiring.

I know for sure Bill is definitely an oak tree, he takes things slow and considered and is resourceful, I'm just like fuck I want to get on with it and tend to think a weeks project can be done in a day.

 Bill rests and thinks in between projects.
I think and garden in between projects.

It's the right balance between us. 
Bill makes me slow down and consider and I make him a bit faster!

So moving right along from the human arboretum, this brings me to March, where we have come out of our hot muggy summer and we're are thinking again, thinking towards Hill End Press housekeeping.

How we can improve, turn things, new projects and new aligning.

T a k e   n o t e ...

Our new project for the year is to bring the creatives to Hill End Press to learn letterpress printmaking and antiquarian photography.

We are ready.

We are  really really well practiced now and have taught our workshops further a field at uni's and guilds. We love what we do and feel after all this experience why not share it with others so we have set the courses up and you can see them at our site.

All those who are in design school, obsessives about font, those whom just want to do something outside their norm, a girlies weekend or those who are just a wee bit curious of 
how artistic people live.
(because it is very different)

So if you are keen to hear us rabbit on to you about printing and photography till the cows come home have a look at our courses.

(Oak & Pear)
a fruiting co-operative