Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Swinkies garden

I have wanted to write about this garden for a long time. It belongs to our terrific friend Swinkie.
It's such an honest garden with all her succulents and found concrete pots and golden ladies from around the suburb she really has created a haven of joy.

It's organic in the real sense, it's not trying to be fashionable or ambitious, self conscious of itself or trendy. The garden has become the true cottage garden where objects are found from what is available for free, discarded but reinvented again in the hands of an artist.

All the cracks in the driveway have been filled with I think its called a sea daisy making the concrete drive look like its threaded with lacework.

It's about working with what one has.

There's a vegie patch and plenty of natives for the wildlife.

There's romance with its sculptural ladies but like true romance they're tucked in corners that are not obvious at first, but magic when you find them.

Cottage gardens are often contrived and the true meaning has been lost over the years, all following each other but an honest cottage garden is one that reveals the person whom makes it, not belonging to anyone but themselves.

Very thoughtful gardens

Bravo Swinkie
A garden well done

Terrific time

We had a terrific time at our opening and thankyou so very much to all those that attended and supported us and made it a successful night for us.

With our show and the space we were initially a bit perplexed how to hang the show, we didn't want a railway carriage syndrome nor each of our styles robbing the other.

The end result worked really well we think, we hung it all together in poetic clusters and it became an organic salon hang, perfect for todays way of life.

Instead of robbing each other the artworks enhanced each other and they provided a joyful space.

bizou bizou