Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sonia Delauney (1885 - 1979)

One of my hero's Sonia Delauney...why...because she had a go at everything from designing fabrics, fashion, theatre and painting.

Sonia saw no boundaries in any of the artforms and let her geometric style  link into all that she created.

 A very inspiring lady.

Making do with clouds

Not so long ago we needed some sort of shades for the lighting in our loungeroom ( well it's not exactly a loungeroom but more a sitting room surrounded by giant fleas and mosquitoes).

So I got some chicken wire that usually protects my plants from the deer and kangaroos that come in on occasion and this I formed into organic long shapes.

I wanted lightshades like sculptures.

The I got out my collection of linens, old handtowels, needle and thread and away I went stitching a sort  of quilt over my wire. I kept going until the wire cage was covered, leaving an opening large enough at the top to put the lightbulb in and attach to the bracket.

The result was that I love my organic lighting so much so that I also did the three lights in the kitchen.

They have a beautiful glow when turned on and look like little clouds puffing by.

They are humorous without being silly and rather theatrical and fit so well with our very old home and my husband Bill Moseley's photography.

You can see very faintly in the background of the sitting room my other ones out of crushed paper and red masking tape.

The best part is being inventive and resourceful with what  you have at hand. It saved petrol, it saved shipment,  it may have even cut back a few moments for the environment.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

French cakes - so worth the experience.

After our letterpress workshop at Sydney College of the Arts, where do you think we went late in the afternoon for a treat, no not the pub, but to Zumbo's for cakes in Balmain.

It's hard to believe but I have never treated myself to a box full of cakes, well three cakes and treating our friend Swinkie  and Bill.

I've always usually leaned towards savoury, finding french cakes almost too good to eat, one doesn't want to dismantle the decoration that has taking so long to make.

Before me was the last of the days creations, not a large selection but nevertheless an excellent selection. Well I chose the brightest hot  pink, another with the most unusual bulges out of a it and the most chocolatey looking one.

I was nervous would my expectation live up to the first planted idea of lashing out on them.

I felt like the mad hatter at Alice's tea party.

Trotted home with them and we made cups of milky tea and rooibos and each of us trying different morsels of them.

They were AMAZING, the one that ticked all the boxes for us was the bulgy one it was so gentle in taste and silky in texture with the balls filled with a vanilla liquid and running a close second was the hot pink one, it was like an exotic cherry ripe.

It was unanimous that we would have rather tinier cakes than on the larger size that they were, they are so rich and beautiful you really only needed a small piece.
But oh so worth the experience.

Sydney College of the Arts

Last weekend saw Bill and I  teaching at Sydney College of the Arts  print media department organized by the very capable artist Janet Parker Smith whom streamlines the working environment to be a pleasure to work in.

We had eight eager students, some students and some are part of the print media access. This enables artists to visit and use the print media studio for a yearly minimal charge. Which is a dream printmaking room overlooking the historical buildings and gardens at Rozelle.

Like the bookbinders Guild we once again taught the letterpress printmaking in the format of an ABC book with each student getting 3 letters and editions of 10.

Working in this way everyone goes home with a complete set of ABC prints which can be made into a book or individually framed.

The first day is just understanding the way to set type and getting a handle on the presses and tools, the second day they have had the night to ponder their letters, then they fly with ideas.

It was very successful and we met some really gorgeous people along the way. The workshop was two days, but by the second day everyone is in full swing and hooked on letterpress wishing for one more day.

The group were very inventive with their use of letters.....