Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beautiful letterpress stationery ready for you at T2 stores nationally mid March

Our unique handcrafted letterpress cards have just left Hill End Press's country studio on a delightful journey to all the T2 tea stores

These are very very special cards for you, that really are all handcrafted from the very start, something that is a rarity today.
Our beautiful lifestyle here at Hill End enables us to be creative and develop gift cards that are as unique as the surroundings we live in.
We start by designing our cards with drawings of our garden where roses are abundant and develop the letterpress plates in our darkroom.
Then we hand cut our Italian cotton art paper with its elegant texture in two processes, this is then taken to the Gordons Platen Press a 80 year old foot pedal operated printing machine.
Here Bill hand places the cut paper, one by one into the printing machine operating it with his foot and this spins the large solid fly wheel and that turns the inked rollers and prints the image.
So one by one each card is printed and checked for high quality printing. I then place them onto the drying rack and here they stay overnight till the ink is touch dry.
Bill printing with careful consideration 
Genevieve inking up

We use our baby Adana to add the letterpress font 'For You'
Cards drying on the rack for the night
This is our card creasing machine, its an old chinese press with a shovel lever that we modified and we think the little red book was originally printed on it!

This is our cafe / packing room
the beautiful environment we work in...bliss
Here we are, the last of the process where we barcode and let you know how special  it is to produce this  stationery for you.

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