Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We just want to throw flowers at the world.

Our new range of gift letterpress stationery called Out of the Garden has all been inspired by our wild garden here at Hill End. It's all about our garden and what grows, runs and flys through it with us just wanting to throw flowers at the world.

 At the moment it's a picture, lilacs, grandmas bonnets, May bush, irises, lavender are all coming through in abundance. Next will be the roses and that's when my bestie Albertine wafts through our front door.

It's just this grand moment of once a year but it's sublime.

I run round watering by hand from our well all  my seedlings as I'm getting a hedgerow growing in one large circle that also has the Snake Bark Maples. In five years time it will be a sanctuary that we can escape too and no one will know I'm in there, a hedge of ones own.

The new letterpress range is gorgeous we are over the moon with our hard work at creating it. Which was done through winter and just the thought of my Spring garden kept me going in drawings.

All our illustrations are done by me, no clip art here. At times it's  so very very tempting I can't deny that but Bill just says "There is no way an ounce of clip art is coming into the studio. We're artists, just share with the world this sanctuary we have here" he says. So I keep drawing and at the end I'm so glad I did. It means so much more to me and has the same result as when I put my hands into the earth to plant.

So we have new to our letterpress stationery lovely little postcards, printed on coaster board 390gsm and they come with a delightful kraft envelope and sticker on the back. Some are printed twice with our Gordon Platen foot pedal Press and all are die cut in ovals and rounded rectangles and sell for a happy little price of $5.00 retail. You can see the full range on our website