Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Well last night saw us at a glorious dinner at our friends 1870's cottage, about 30 of us gathered there with large paper umbrellas blocking the last of the years sun.

Large rustic makeshift timber tables were decorated with bowls and platters of sumptuous food and a huge tin bucket of very generous flowers that I had brought from my garden, which I wish now I had photographed, how annoying is that.

Very annoying.

 Will have to go back and do a re- enactment.

Everyone was in such good spirits and it really was I think one on the list of my more memorable nights for New Year celebrations. I usually don't like the the idea of New Years eve, there always seems such an expectation to be fun and merry and I'm not really into expectations.

I like it to be more organic and this is how it was, it just evolved into a very sincere night with all our close friendships nestled into the night with lots of happiness for everyone.

The food was just perfect, abundance of it all with dishes dedicated to unique flavours, lots of cakes and Bill's chocolate macaroons that were gone in a flash.

It was so good!

And I came away thinking that all the hard work that Bill and I have done over the past 6 years is going to pay off this year, I feel strongly that its all coming finally together.

It's a very good feeling, there's still hard work ahead, but we have established our printing press and art and we are strongly on our way.

In a nutshell, I feel very happy and content.

Our studio is on its way to being built, the slab is done and being watered everyday,  January will be about the vertical of the studio and February will be the lining of it. Hopefully all finished just in time for winter.

I have just completed the 8 designs for our wedding range and I'm really satisfied with the themes and overall look of them. It's been a full on couple of months of working late into the night, learning a new computer program, but I feel really chuffed with the progress that I have made, so instead of bleating to Bill that the pressure of learning a new computer program would be difficult and could he possibly do it for me, became a conquered more responsible can do adult in me.

Growing, growing.

So now just to make them into plates, print and photograph then up on the website, still quite a bit more to do, but the process is really enjoyable and now I realize how important is to be in process, in the moment, to really appreciate the distance rather than rushing to the end result.

 Happy New Year

This is Bill drawing a line with a sparkler constantly around our friend Kate while her boyfriend Mark held the camera on a long exposure. Very effective

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