Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas wishes and thankyou's

It's been another big year, as we all hear echoing in our minds, but we got there, we learnt a lot and more, thank goodness we are learning I say.

Much better than standing still and with a worried wrinkle in ones brow.

OUr studio has started, that was a really good thing,  Bill is out the back as I type forming up for the concrete pour. Deadline was January but realistically it will be February.

Two beautiful new grandchildren, boys, came into the world, Arlo and Nashua. Another one on the way.

An enchanting wedding with my son Blair and Erin at a really lovely venue in Pittwater, the day was perfect and I don't think I had dry eyes all day.

Hill End Press had a successful collaboration with artist John Beard where Bill created a photogravure plate and series of prints for John's exhibition at the Liverpool Street Gallery.

A trip to Tasmania to see my Mum and for Bill to experience MONA. ( which is just across the road from Mum, perfect)

Exhibition for both Bill and I at the Damien Minton Annex Gallery with a successful opening night.

Getting ready for the launch of our new wedding stationery, its coming, very close indeedy.

Just finishing Virginia Woolfs' Orlando, a treat going to bed with a genius!  I so love this book and really don't want it to finish, they describe it as the most beautiful longest love letter every written.

Highly recommend The Hare with Amber eyes by Edmund de Waal and google up his ceramics (sublime) at the end, plus You tube on his presentation speeches in regard to his book, there you will see the home in Vienna, hard to believe it was a home, its about the size of Sydney's GPO. Worth reading and looking at.

Then all in between just getting on with things, you know how it is.

So all is well, very well at Hill End Press, with lots of projects for 2013 too.

We are inspired.

Pants on fire for Bill & I, but that's ok, we wouldn't be doing anything else.

Wishing you all a galloping fun Christmas and 2013 brings laughter and good health.

Thanks a million for all your support. XX

Christmas cards ready to post and deliver

The strawberries have been terrific this year, to the point of, as I water around the garden I grab little handfuls of strawberries.

The Love in the mist is going gangbusters, self seeding every where, as love does, the Santolina is out and the pom pom butterfly bush has just started showing off this week. Must get the pencils out and draw this one, its beautifully humorous shaped flower, pom poms all stacked on top of each other.
The first Globe Artichoke, I let them go to flowers, it must be me but I don't see what all the fuss is about with eating them, my joy is in this huge robust flower that comes out.

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