Monday, January 7, 2013

Tin Types

Well.... the weather outside has the strangest light, quite eerie and the winds are very strong. It's to be the hottest day for the week. So that leaves us at Hill End on tender hooks, you have to experience it to fully understand what it's like to live in the Australian bush in the summertime with the threat of bushfires.

There's really no distraction from it.

Every time those three fire trucks go out, you know the men in them, our town is very small, 120 people at last count. Or you hear the chopper flying around in the back of the hills. So it always brings a precarious weight to ones mind.

I'm side tracking I know, I can't help it, the light outside is a crazy hue.

For the first time I want to be planted right back into winter, I thought I would never say that, in fact Bill is up the backyard repairing a wood stove for our loungeroom to replace the one that is there. I had visions of painting it an old gold, like those vintage french dining chairs.

Back on track.

I'm here to show you Bill's tin type tests that he did last week, with good results. It was a bit of trial and error just to manage the pour on the plate, not to fast and not to slow, but he got it.
So we are off to gangbusters world now with this skill, mean while we are still going with the wedding invitations and the plans for the studio to be approved by the engineer.

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