Thursday, December 16, 2010


Let me begin...... our vision for Hill End Press was to be small, artists and creative individuals to explore a different perspective in printmaking that they may not normally encounter in their travels and that was to be using vintage presses. Most importantly Bill and I had to be comfortable in teaching ourselves a whole new skill when the business had to be up and running, it all amounted to an organic balance of time.

Niente ti turbi, nienti ti spaventi, tutto passa in other words (Let nothing trouble you, let nothing frighten you, all things pass)
At times we felt all tied up with the precarious position one puts themselves in when they leap into the unknown,

At times we thought we had lost our heads, sleepless nights and the grand plan that we had initially became diversified and a cafe was introduced, cicadas and stationery.
But the most important of all our endeavours has been the support of our family, friendships old and new and all the beautiful shops that stock our cards without them the adventure of setting up the press would not have felt like a belonging. 

What we have learnt is that the press take time....
To everyone involved, you know who you all are, Bill and I thankyou from the bottom of our inky fingers and Hill End Press.
Wishing you all a sparky Christmas and a great New Year xx

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