Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Exciting news for Hill End Press, we are featured in this months Inside Out magazine, page 143.Its features our tags that we print on our baby adana press with vintage wooden type generously lent to us by printmaker minigraff.
We have been up and running now for 18 months of holding ones breath and skates on here in the Central Tablelands. In this time Bill and I have been like pants on fire with developing our range of letterpress stationery into 12 shops, restoring our 1870 home that came with no power water which hadn't been lived in for 50 years, the earth was slowly devouring her, but she has restored us in many ways and creating our art.
Our collection of vintage presses has had many friendships develop from admiring printmakers looking in our window at Holtermanns cottage in the middle of town. We are the custodians of Clement Meadmores 100 year old Gordon platen press and on her we print our stationery that took us a year to restore and understand this way of printmaking(as there is no course to take on such things) thanks to Bill who has a technically enquiring mind.
The new year brings us collaborating with Leichhardt Council for their heritage week, our exhibitions, Bill June 2011 (photogravure) and me August 2011(mixed media) at Bathurst Regional Gallery. Our workshops will be up and running too.

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  1. Hi Bill and Genevieve, very impressive site. and to think I am the first to post a comment.
    First things first Bill, I only say it as a friend and most people would politely ignore it... but, your nose..... there are some very skilled surgeons that could help you and give you a whole new perspective on life. I have nothing against carrots as such, in fact parsnips are one of my favourite vegetables.