Saturday, October 19, 2013

There's a toffee moon in the night sky

I'm sitting here looking out the window
and the moon is the colour of toffee.

The bushfires in NSW, all up and down the coast
have been horrific. Many people have lost
their homes. 

My brother at Mt Tomah is ready to go,
the fires are hovering a few kilometres at the
back of their land.

He has cleared as much as he can the land
around his very special property
where he has developed and bred rare
 irises, camelias and many
very rare plants from China.

Craig has the patience of a saint, sometimes waiting
years to see his achievements in
developing new varieties of plants.

Fingers crossed they and others will be safe.

For myself today,
I got stuck into painting my still lifes.
It helped to distract myself from
the fires.
It's the perfect meditation.

And ate broad beans on toast.

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