Saturday, October 5, 2013

Drunken Bees on the Landscape Floor is coming home soon

I t ' s   a l m o s t   o v e r,   I' m   s a d   t o   s a y.

I really so enjoyed putting this work together 
and it has been a most satisfying exhibition.
I felt good about fighting for the lament of the bees future
and forgetting about me for a while. 

My exhibition

The Wattle Room - Bedspread of Natural History

Dubbo Western Plains Cultural Centre.

One more week and my giant bee returns home.....

To be or not to bee

 My art is essentially  autobiographical, a colliding of two worlds.

From the personal to the universal.

Still life and the garden.

A divided heart

The threat to bees and food on the table.

Pesticides and organics.

You see it's all personal.

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