Thursday, August 8, 2013

The new camera has arrived!

It makes me sigh.

Bill's new 8 x 10 timber and brass camera or very old one I should say that we picked up on good old ebay.
The next couple of months will bring some gorgeous morsels of tin types 
into the Hill End Press Studio for Bill's exhibition at Dubbo.

Meanwhile we are still setting up and kicking on the wedding stationery, just about to load up the new website for my artwork that I've been working on, learning quick books for dummies and setting up a new accounting system (not exactly an enticing part of the business but seriously must be done) organizing Open Studio Day Sunday 22nd September and I'm close to my exhibition at Dubbo Project Room, Western Plains Cultural Centre.

Busy busy busy
but in the best possible way.

Had to take mental time out last week and rake some elm leaves to mulch the top garden and put heaps of organic chook poo.

Always centres me.

Woke today to find snow fluttering past the window and through the day my first glimpse of the red robin sitting in the rowen tree.

How especially beautiful is that!

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