Monday, June 11, 2012

There's a garden in the kitchen

I was going through my photographs and came across these beautiful one's I took in my kitchen of the last flowers of Autumn.
Gardening is something that keeps me quite sane and there's nothing like a workout in the garden which I have done recently blitzing all the side path and eventually the whole garden as last summer it turned into a snake pit. It was a very romantic looking snakepit though, all the roses were abundant and had grown considerably. After seven years maturity, it now all needs pruning and sorting.
Gardening for me flows through my veins, I have known it since a little girl where my parents were in the garden most weekends, where ever I go a garden is created.
I just love these flowers in the old bucket that sits on our green kitchen table ready for my next painting.
Last summers rose's etched in ice - Oil on canvas

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