Thursday, May 24, 2012


For the last two weeks Bill and I have been at the Gold Street Studios in Trentham Victoria, one hour out of Melbourne. Oh how we love Melbourne, it's like having a quick European fix without the jet lag. Usually I just want to buy everything, especially in Brunswick Street, with all its innovative shops and the Spanish deli in Johnston street was the very best ham and capsicum roll I have ever eaten, it didn't touch the sides.
I still am hanging out for the red shoes at ESS laboratory, hopefully they will come to me sooner than later.

But back to the real reason we were down there,  the Gold Street Studios is a dream environment for photographers and printmakers. The industrious Ellie Young, whom is the core energy and enthusiast for antiquarian photography processes invited Bill down to teach for two photogravure workshops with four students per session.

We were so excited about having this experience and meeting Ellie and her husband Allan whom cooks continuously beautiful meals and muffins to sustain all at the studios. They are quite a team to be inspired by, highly organised with a very rich choice of antiquarian processes on offer at the studios.

The studios have a darkroom and easy access to all equipment, with plenty of room to move around in. It really was a special environment to work in which overlooks the beautiful garden which kept me occupied visually.

The students created two photogravure plates over a period of two and half days with very pleasing results, everyone was tickled.

Bill and I highly recommend Gold Street Studios for their professionalism and dedication to photography in Australia. All the information for workshops can be found on

Here are some highlights of our time there.

Belinda's fuschia
Marion's garden gate
Pams truck
Just love the details and colours in Pams cardigan
Ellie Young

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