Monday, April 28, 2014

Tea eggs for easter

I ' m (we're)  p o o p   d e   d o o p e d ! 

Basically because we have been so very busy of late, our tin type, photogravure and letterpress workshops are taking off  and in between all of this came Easter, so this is a late entry but that's ok.

I'm a wee bit tired but fully content.

New routines are to be had with the workshops and a tiny re tuning.

A nice place to be.

(Yes I do recall at the beginning of the year I stated that we are going to work extra harder this year, I'm eating my words already)

Today I'm just going to re centre in my garden, plant the new hedge for the large circle in the middle of the paddock. The plan that one day we can spend our frolicking lunches in the middle of the circle of snake bark maples and hedging plants, it will be our own little private space inside a larger private space.

Does this make sense?

Probably not because there I go working again, planting Versailles in the front paddock. Actually I'm having another go at it, the last effort we had huge amounts of rain and the maples little feet were waterlogged and drowned, so a change of design for a more robust hedge.

I want it like a hedgerow, all messy and lots of different varieties of plants, rambling romantic.

Today I don't mind if it doesn't make sense because its our first day off in 4 weeks and my mind is feeling like a circle within a circle.

Here's what we ate for Easter and it was the best best Easter this year, friends and family came to stay and the tea eggs that was my specialty for the Easter table was a a crowd pleaser and topped it off with Pukara Estate truffle olive oil. 

D i v i n e   d i v i n e   d  i v i n e .

Tea eggs from the beautiful blog and totally relate to this goddess moving to the country side site‎ 

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