Monday, November 25, 2013

Ordering your wedding stationery, details and ideas to ponder.

You're lying in bed again at night pondering the details, the ins and outs of your wedding  day

and one of the key elements of 

your coming marriage will be your wedding invitations.

H o w   d o   I  a p p r o a c h   t h i s?

The very first thing is to have  a  f i r m   d a t e  of your wedding day and reception venue, it sounds obvious, but it will enable you to set up a timeline schedule of getting the ball rolling, sorting out your finances and having a list will keep you feeling serene and on top of things. It's your wedding day and you want the lead up of planning your celebration to be enjoyable and fun.

Average  lead up time is: 

Save the date to be sent 6 - 9 months prior the wedding day

Invitations to be sent 6 - 9 weeks prior to the wedding day

W e   l o v e   t o   s e n d   f r e e   s a m p l e s   o f   o u r   l e t t e r p r e s s   s t a t i o n e r y ...........

you need to feel comfortable and have an understanding of the finish that letterpress printing does, the paper quality and size (149mm x 210mm) 600gsm board and colour, it speaks of high quality craftsmanship with using the old vintage printing presses that create a seductive impression in the paper and a real sense of occasion.

The overall feel is generous and tactile which on our papers are like fonts nestled up in bed.

 Once you have the date and signed the contract for the reception venue, a good time frame is 4 - 5 months before the date, (at least 8 months if its a destination wedding) also to consider Save the Date stationery and particularly if it's a destination wedding or guests have some distance to travel, it will give them time to plan too.

All our designing, printing and plate making is done in house, so we are with your invitation every step of the way.

R e m e m b e r   1 0 0  g u e s t s   d o e s   n o t   e q u a l   1 0 0  i n v i t a t i o n s.

It will be a bit more than a half, as most guests will have partners, one invitation can also be addressed to a family with children. It is wise to have at least another 10 - 15 invitations extra at hand, some to keep for your own and others for add on guests.

When ordering the suite of wedding stationery you can keep the price lower buy ordering all at once or just choosing a one colour print or maybe having the same size invitation as the save the date (116mm x 166mm) this can be discussed and quoted on inquiry when submitting your order.

Be realistic about your budget, the clearer you are about the costs the easier it will be about making decisions. If on a tight budget consider ordering just your save the date, invitation and thankyou cards, your elegant tissue lined German envelopes (225mm x 162mm) come free with your order, plus an extra four for any hiccups when addressing them.

Setting the tone of the wedding. This is probably the  m o s t   s p e c i a l   m o m e n t  of working on your invitations because this is where it becomes personal. An impeccable invitation, is what will give your family and friends a hint of what is to come, it will set up an exciting anticipation of the day.

Take your time to be thoughtful here, taking into consideration such things as the reception venue, the colours, budget, formal or casual.

Think about the design, as family and guests will be more than likely to want to keep and frame your invitation as a  b e a u t i f u l   m o m e n t o. Is there a theme that you like, a motif that represents you and your partner, special gestures that you have for each other, a time when it was a very special moment for the two of you? Something that shares an instant understanding with your guests, something unique to the two of you.

This is where you can springboard from, there maybe a design that is suitable with just editing the wording of one from our designed collection or you may like to develop your own, with your graphics or ours with your theme. Or combine the two. Look to other areas for inspiration, sites like Pinterest can get the imagination and direction going.

A  t h r e a d   o f   c o n s i s t e n c y   w i t h   y o u r   f o n t   is a very important element in your overall design, particularly with the style of typeface, weight of the font and how many typefaces you use in the design as this really sets the tone, calligraphy and elegant or maybe a contemporary and minimal. Do you like ampersands, capitals, handwritten, vintage or classic.

Always run the invitation before printing stage past a friend, bridesmaids or family, check for typos and the design, another pair of eyes will put your mind to rest.

With addressing the invitations, if your penmanship isn't quite up to scratch it's truly worth finding a friend or family member where you admire their writing style to help you out here. To have that follow through is high on the presentation of your announcement. It's a special event and the finer details will make the difference.

We can recommend a calligrapher to address your stationery and here you can follow the themes of colour through with different coloured inks. If it's in your budget a grand sense of celebration is to receive a beautiful generous size envelope addressed with  a fine calligraphy hand. Truly romantic and guests will sigh at the mailbox.

"Lying in bed 
would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience
 if only one had a coloured pencil 
long enough to draw on the ceiling"  
Gilbert K. Chesterton

Photograph credits: Green Heart, crushed paper by Johnny Miller, embroidered A by, bridal hair flowers by, calligraphy by inviting, dining by, bed - pinterest