Sunday, April 21, 2013

A room of ones own stuff

Yesterday I took great delight in nestling into my studio, just that feeling of making it me.

There is still stuff everywhere, OMG which really does my head in, I just want it organized in a flash. (mind you I'm perfectly ok with my studio full of stuff) The fact that our home had been washed over with stuff from the move didn't help either. So a big throw out is on its way, like living on a boat, one thing comes in, one thing goes out. Or whatever you keep is only known to be beautiful or useful
( depending upon ones definition of useful, that can be a broad evaluation).

At the moment it looks like a sea of misplaced thoughts, well not quite, you can see it has some direction but I'm just trying to be in the moment and one step in front of each other.


The elms in the avenue are just perfect at the moment and I have used them as floral arrangements through our home.

My Remedy for chaos: Just a jug of flowers in our home gives me a spring in my step.

Bill's built the mezzanine level for storage of all the artworks and now is onto the darkroom and that will be built by next week, which will enable us to get all the wedding stationery samples ready for photography and develop the new website. Meanwhile we are sorting out new invoicing do it all finance systems, anyone out there have an idea, apparently Myob is a good option. We have always done it manually before but we are ready now for some sophistication.

Fine tuning for the wedding stationery launch, which I am so itching to launch...itching itching itching with excitement and a few nerves.

Our Gordon Platen press is together, it made my heart ache to see it all in pieces on the floor, so that's been a relief and back on track feeling. All the presses are put back together.

Big bonus is that Bill's toe is now a beautiful pink colour and the doctors are happy how the operation went, so all is well there.

We had Open house day today, a lot of the heritage homes open their doors every year here in Hill End  and ours included.

We have conserved her rather than restore her. Our home didn't need a personality change just propping up again and a bouquet of flowers, re instating the garden, she was happy being a grand old lady.

It was the thought of cleaning up that was daunting with our move, but the spare back room has more stuff crammed into it and our home came up like a dream, some window dressing came in handy.

The vacuum cleaner went into overdrive and three goes of emptying it into the paddock next to us, Tango's dog hair forming its own carpet. I'm really not into cleaning at all it takes me away from my creativity, but when it's done, I feel really centered and calm.

 I decided to cruise today, no high performance tours, just chill and chatted to a few people, most were just directed through.

It's always really rewarding to do this, just reminds you how far you have come, I can tell you we have come a long way. Our home was a romantic ruin and the visitors encouragement makes it all worthwhile.

We are getting there, it's all very close.

Oh! do not attack me with your watch.
A watch is either to fast or slow.
I cannot be dictated by a watch
Jane Austen

Genevieve X

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