Saturday, March 16, 2013

Very busy bees

The last couple of weeks have been rather full on, hence no items of discussion chalked up on the board. The thought of writing is becoming another thing on the list, so the guilts came in and I thought I've got to pull something together.

But you all know how I feel...its called life and stretching the mind from roller coaster to merry go around.

It's all very good and pointing in the right direction, just reminding myself to work with the wants in front of us, not getting to far down the track.  Is this possible.

In a nutshell, we were recently invited with other artists by Tracey Callihan of Arts Out West to a collaborative workshop at Cowra and the Derbyshire Arts Festival in England at The Corridor Project.

It was a very special two days, we stayed in a superb location, not far out of Cowra where the landscape is just magical. Large boulders balancing on each other like a giant had rolled a bag of marbles down the hill, a sculptors paradise.

The location has old shearers quarters and a shearing shed like I've never quite seen before, huge.. it originally must have housed at least 12 shearers. It has been sensitively restored by Dylan and Phoebe Gower of, a very clever couple whom have a beautiful eye for good design. This very clever couple also manage The Corridor Project where other artistic groups like Legs of the wall attend as well.

It's all really very encouraging for regional arts. 

I can't tell you how anxious I was when I sited butchers paper, post it notes, marker pens in the huge  old shearing shed where we were for most of the day. I think because I felt on the back foot from the start with our very busy schedule at the moment, it's not like I don't want to meet other like minded souls, it was I couldn't imagine how this collaborative event was going to work for us, especially when my mind was at our studio building site back home.

 But it worked very well.

We worked together with Kim and Debi from Derbyshire and Matilda Jourbet from Perth, whom taught us creative skills towards collaboration and a few life skills thrown in.

The end result was a very cohesive group of creative people feeling and knowing  they all got on really well.  It was really a lovely experience.

It so reminds me to take time out. I really need to master just being. Which was pointed out by mind counsellor.

Our roof is on the studio and almost all the sides have galvanised walls, we are almost to up lock. We can't wait for this moment. The plan so far is to get my studio sealed and finished then I can get on with my exhibition at the Western Plains Cultural Centre, Dubbo this August and Bill has his in December.

Have we started our artwork...No    (Yes we are freaking out.)

At this point of time I'm heading towards painting at night with a lonely light bulb.

Doing with a scattering of being.

The best part is that I'm centering on my Japanese windflowers (anemones) that have come out, I can't tell you how much I love these little sparks of colour at this time of the year before we bunk in for winter.

I'm imagining them planted amongst the wild grasses for a part of my garden next year.

Australian version of a Piet Ouldolf garden

No it's not Hill End but it could be
As my grandfather said "We all get another go at it tomorrow"