Sunday, February 10, 2013

inky spinky spatty day

The old old pear tree floating by in the green pea boat
Today I was feeling worse for wear, I think I've torn the little lining over my left rib cage again, but this time it wasn't gardening it was my virtuous Saturday yoga session yesterday.

It feels like a sore rib.

 I know I went in determined again, I was feeling anxious even before I started the session, jogging to my class at the progress hall, to chill down any adrenal glands. (the wedding stationery samples are not going fast enough for me, slow cook printmaking) By the time the session got to the last part, the part we all love, I was halfway through my mind leaving to calmer places and a lone mosquito started buzzing around my head, I can't begin to tell you how annoying this was. Fuck.

I was jolted or jilted out of the last and grand phase.

I also had a quiet moment of feeling  insecure about my washing line, I have always pegged everything up in a random fashion, when my friend Swinkie photographed it, it was rather hilarious, appeared like an unkept teenagers bedroom.

So I made a big effort to hang all the socks colour coded together, shirts together, you get the idea. I really still wasn't getting it or inspired by this process until I walked back up to the house and when I turned to have a final look, I felt like a weight lift off my mind...organisation, it was a beautiful sight and will endeavour to keep it going.

So today I painted all the watercolour blobs on our order for the Orange Regional Art Gallery. Cleaned up our studio for the National Art School students, second and third years visiting us this week, invited myself over for orange and lemon cake at one of the artists in residence, cake baking is big in Hill End.

Favourite rose Mutabilis its like little girls blousy dresses all with variegated colours from soft apricot yellow to crimson pink
Little poms poms of the Japanese Rose
All the grapes are coming on now, there's plenty for the parrots and us.
Changed the loungeroom curtain over to the summer one that I made.

Made an attempt on my artwork for the Dubbo exhibition in August, which was a relief just to start, decorated a large envelope that is being sent off to my Mum for her birthday, met some really gorgeous people today that wandered into our studio and photographed my flowers getting ready for the wedding stationery, a warm up so to speak.

Bill had a successful day putting all the horizontal beams in place for the walls of our new studio, tomorrow we are up on the roof putting the beams across.

Then tonight I really really wanted to watch Kevin McClouds' new program on ABC but the aerial played up on the roof, so another jilting, will watch it tomorrow on the internet with breakfast.

The upside is that the Nashi pear tree in our courtyard is going gangbusters and is laden with little gold gems of fruit, nice with blue vein cheese and we have rain tonight and I am getting closer to that next home to photograph.

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