Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's here again - Whoop de doo

So many of the artists studio's will be opening all details can be seen on it really is a terrific day, so grab your arty friends
and not so arty friend because they will love it too and nanna. ( I think Bill did a great job in designing the flyer).

On you can see the beautiful photo shoot of our home by the talented Australian based New York photographer Martyn Thompson for July/August issue of vogue Living.

Our home will be part of the Open Day October 14th 2012 where 10 unique buildings within our historic gold rush village will be open to the public.

From humble miners cottages ( 2 of which are used as residencies for the Hill End Artist in Residence Program in conjunction with the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery), to the rather more substantial Craigmoor house, as well as churches and more. It's a really great day to add on the list.
Lounge that becomes our total world in winter
Kitchen showing one of my paintings that will be in the exhibition  at the Damien Minton Gallery Annex Redfern Opening night 6.00pm 9th October, details further down the blog!
Kitchen with my favourite colour green
Some of my embroidery, this was done on my grandmothers tablecloth and  hangs in the bathroom

Red red soil

STUDIO STARTED Also more good news we have started building our studio which will become a warmer and much more comfortable area to print with underfloor heating, I think I will live in there for winter!

Doesn't look like much at the moment, bit it will house all our old presses and a painting area for me, can't quite believe its actually happening.

This week Thommo with the backhoe placed gravel down for the slab to be poured onto, a few more truckloads and this will be complete, then a little bit longer to rest.
Deadline: Christmas

To add more to the list we have produced these beautiful wedding invitations done on sumptuous museum german board which gives an impression of type nestling in bed. We are creating a new range of wedding invitations and packages which by Christmas we should have up an running with a new website for Hill End Press.

We are running running running so will post that up soon too!

Bill has done the edition of 50 prints of Angry Penguins in photogravure for sale through the Print Council of Australia and is working on a new project which will be revealed soon.


SAVE THE DATE -  Coming up very soon is our 

exhibition at Damien Minton Gallery Annex 583 Elizabeth Street Redfern
 Opening night Tuesday   9th October and finishing Saturday 13th October.
                               Photogravures and paintings 
Myths, written in a margin by Bill Moseley and Winters' Resolve by moi 
Running Man - Photogravure printed on Somerset Satin edition 10
Traveller - Photogravure
Pool - Photogravure
Portent of the enlarged thought - Oil on Canvas

The Violets are pushing up through the stones - oil on canvas

             Will post up work very soon, but here is a preview.

Outside the little hedge leaves have turned quite yellow oil on canvas

To top it off, we will get down to food,
this recipe I have cooked I don't know how many times, but it's the best recipe and you can't stop at one piece, its divine. It's beautiful because you roast the nuts before chopping them, if you have a kitchen whizz or processor you can chop them in this, but I don't and I hand chop them all which is lovely smelling the aroma as I do. I got this handy tip from Maggie Beer.

OVEN 200
(Boil gently for 1 hour) Cool, de-pip and pith
6 eggs separated
225gms almonds
1 cup of castor sugar
1 teaspoon of baking powder

Butter and flour a loose base tin line with baking paper ( I just used a round cake tin, canola spray and baking per on base)

Boil fruit, cool and chop roughly and dpulverise ( If its's very wet add in 2 tablespoons of white breadcrumbs with almonds, I have never done this I really like the moisture in the cake.

Place the almonds in a tin in the oven for 4 - 5minutes to roast.

When ready bring out to cool.

Whip egg whites to peaks adding 2 tablespoons of castor sugar to firm mix.

In a separate bowl beat egg yolks and 1 cup of sugar till its pale.

Finely chop the almonds, the perfume from roasting will excite you about the end result.

Fold in gently the egg whites

Then bake for 60 minutes add a quarter of an hour if wet in the centre after 45 minutes.

I find that I place a sheet of aluminium foil on top of the cake about 20 minutes into the cooking as it can burn easily and then I pull the cake out at about 55 minutes, so it depends on ovens.
Cool in the tin and then present on plate, very very yummy.

I wish we had a photograph but we ate it too quickly but it's so worth baking!

The best news is its warming up here at Hill End, the bulbs are striding forth and white blossoms of the plum trees are going gang busters and the flys are starting to bang against the windows!. 

So what's ahead next month, well our exhibition, Open studio day, Open house day, keep designing a new range of letterpress wedding invites, garden garden garden, grow grow grow, paint paint paint, stay sane, remember to breathe, give our wonder dog quite a few pats on the way because she's going to wonder why these two people are buzzing by her constantly, print Maggy Todds' beautiful story and Sheila Carrolls drawing about her horse into an artists book for her, before Christmas long overdue Finish off the new range of letterpress stationery. 

 Get the studio up, tax, finish reading my book The Fourty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak, this is quelching my strong NEEDand DESIRE to go to Instanbul at the moment and I'm breathing in some sufi ism and some whirling dervishes. Personally I think I'm fully whirling at the moment. 

I had three moments of Instanbul the other week, one was at the ARt Gallery of NSW where one of the artworks went on about finding Instabul, on my pinterest sight everywhere was Instanbul and something else happen but it aludes me now, it will come back. So these are signs to finally go and see the Hagia Sofia that I was so taken with art Art School.

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