Monday, December 9, 2013

A very Merry Christmas to you all.

Oh Christmas,

it's been a big year in many different forms this year

for Bill and I and our family.

It's called Life

So this year I am making a big effort and getting back up in the saddle of tra la la la

which I must say I haven't had the urge for quite a while, but this year is going see me decking the 

halls with grapevine and stringing that tinsel around anything standing still.

My spurring has come from  a very sad event in our family

 with the passing on of my beautiful 15 year old nephew, which goes without saying we will miss 

him very much this year and always.

It's a toughy but a truism, but events like this really have put my your feet firmly on the ground in  

realizing to let go of projections or ideas that really don't make  a razooo of a difference.

For me it will be to just enjoy all the moments, as there are always numerous, all the irritating, 

all the imperfections and the funny moments,  

that you do have together as a family. 

To just be more mindful and in the moment.

Really see the preciousness of life

So from 


 we both want to wish everyone that supported us through the year with 

their encouragement of Hill End Press, we are getting there just beautifully.

We are on the move forward and upward.

 Our family, 

our dear friends, 

thankyou so much

Wishing you all

 a very happy healthy and sparky Christmas.

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