Sunday, October 6, 2013

boobock owls and tintypes

Bill is on his way, the tintypes for his coming December Dubbo exhibition
 are incubating very nicely, thankyou.


Lovely in largeness 8 x 10

a l w a y s with these antiquarian processes it's only for the very determined,
the patience one must have is saintly.

It suits a certain style of person, not one that
likes process as such, as it at times has a breaking point with Bill
 and for that matter

Because getting the technical side happily running smoothly
is at times frustrating because you 
all these images in your head
and it's being held up by
juggling and understanding all the ins and outs of
the technical side.

At times we are learning more about what goes wrong
than right.

You just want to get on with it.
Time marches on very quickly when a show is looming and your still in
the laboratory.

They are one offs , the chemicals are very expensive and you are very needy
in wanting a result each time, which is not always the case.

At times we have found the carry box that you develop it in,
has leaked overnight expensive chemicals,
this is when we start eating chocolate
in large quantities to 
make up 
for it 
g l u i n g   g l u i n g   g l u i n g

The recipe is for a investigative mind, one that loves
scientific stuff,
the magic of the unexpected,
19th century spirit of discovery,
 triumphed romanticism.

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