Thursday, July 19, 2012

Making do with clouds

Not so long ago we needed some sort of shades for the lighting in our loungeroom ( well it's not exactly a loungeroom but more a sitting room surrounded by giant fleas and mosquitoes).

So I got some chicken wire that usually protects my plants from the deer and kangaroos that come in on occasion and this I formed into organic long shapes.

I wanted lightshades like sculptures.

The I got out my collection of linens, old handtowels, needle and thread and away I went stitching a sort  of quilt over my wire. I kept going until the wire cage was covered, leaving an opening large enough at the top to put the lightbulb in and attach to the bracket.

The result was that I love my organic lighting so much so that I also did the three lights in the kitchen.

They have a beautiful glow when turned on and look like little clouds puffing by.

They are humorous without being silly and rather theatrical and fit so well with our very old home and my husband Bill Moseley's photography.

You can see very faintly in the background of the sitting room my other ones out of crushed paper and red masking tape.

The best part is being inventive and resourceful with what  you have at hand. It saved petrol, it saved shipment,  it may have even cut back a few moments for the environment.

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