Monday, November 21, 2011

Look what's under that pile of stuff!

Rainy days always bring this behaviour about, the desire to put things in order and tidy up, but you know what, you always get caught up in the old photographs.
This is what happen to me today, I rediscovered my great grandfathers photo album. I realized where my sons get their bike riding skills from, he was a competition trial bike rider, his love of dance and theatre. I realized where my love of wearing hats has come from and dressing up and art participation of all different forms.
I wish I had known him he looks like he knew how to have fun!
Front cover of the album 1870

There are lots of photos with bikes obviously a great passion for him. That's him on the right, the good looking one.
Look at all those fantastic hats

I always loved this picture as a child, go the relatives.
Out and about in his car


His dance list for the night
His childhood book

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