Monday, September 5, 2011


Bok Choy 2011

Alex Bishop-Thorpe was our very first enthusiastic printmaker to enquire about our photogravure workshop. He applied for a grant and on receiving it drove all the way from Adelaide on an adventurous road trip with his Dad, Kim. Over the two and a half day workshop Alex achieved a beautiful image, 'Bok Choy' that he produced from a 35mm scan.  Bill taught Alex to make an inkjet digital positive and how to expose that to the sensitised tissue. Alex then transferred the tissue, under yellow safelight, to a polished copper plate.
After etching in a sucession of ferric chloride baths, Alex printed the plate on Somerset Satin paper, then retouched the inevitable spots with water based dyes.
 Alex with the final result! For information on our workshops, contact Bill & Genevieve at:

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